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Musical Offerings

 Music for Piano, Voice and other instruments

Welcome to KammaMusic, an online outlet for my music. I compose original compositions for various instruments. I perform traditional classical music and offer many improvisations. Links to YouTube and SoundCloud are here.

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Music For Black History Month

Every Day: A New Spiritual Improvisation

Black History Month is so important to US History. These videos along with the quotes from prominent African-American citizens are for your use!

MLK Cover.jpg

Blue Ridge Parkway Improvisations

For Piano with Images I took myself

While some of these pieces are my improvisations, several are from talented arrangers from a variety of compositional styles. That's my nephew!

cover for album parkway.jpg

About KammaMusic


I am glad to share music with you. I  compose and arrange music for piano, organ, other instruments, and voice. I perform piano and organ works from the score and through improvisation.

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Musical Recordings


The Works for Musical Clocks by Franz Joseph Haydn

These 32 pieces were actually composed or arranged for a clock connected to pipes. these small instruments were quite but very charming.

flute clock better.jpg

My performances of the Haydn 32 Works for Musical Flute Clocks

Composed between the mid 1770s and 1790s, you hear a lot of the Classical style of Beethoven and Mozart mixed with Haydn's own creativity--especially his sense of humor. I recorded these on the smallest, quietest flute stops of an Allen digital organ using a score created by Pierre Goiun (



I have  worked with music students of all ages but particularly young people. I wanted to compose some music for them.


Elegy for Piano, No. 1 in Eb

Dealing with grief and healing this year. I have always been drawn to music of consolation, and I will be creating and posting more here. With 2020 being a year of such stress, I wanted to create a piece with sound and text to acknowledge the pain and aim for peace.

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Upcoming Projects

  • Hymn Improvisation Project
    Hymn Improvisation Project
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon!
    I've been asking for requests for hymns to include in the project.
  • Songs in the Spirit of Taize
    Songs in the Spirit of Taize
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon.
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon.
    I am creating an inventory of Taize-like songs for public use. Several wonderful performers are collaborating with me.
  • The Film "The Story of Jesus"
    The Film "The Story of Jesus"
    Available online now.
    Available online now.
    Available online now.
    I was humbled to participate in the film production with Studio4. I composed the music and worked with some of favorite people on this project.

Contact Me

Want to learn more about me, my music, and my upcoming projects? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Thanks to Rachel for her help!

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